Real Estate Closings 

We service every county in Kentucky and work with all parties who have an interest in the real estate transaction. For most transactions ...

Title Examinations      

The most important reason to conduct a title search is to eliminate risk to you and your lender of future title claims and loss against the ...

Deed Preparation

The real estate deed is the document used to transfer property. It includes the names of the current owners and the new owners, and it also ...

Title & Escrow Services

The Escrow agent serves as a neutral third party in a real estate transaction. They receive authorization from the buyer and ...

Title Insurance

Title insurance is an insurance policy you buy from a title insurance company when you buy a home or property. It protects you and your ...

Right-of-Way Services

As a project evolves, permanent right-of-way or acquisition negotiations with land owners become a critical activity. Our ...

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